Will Fabletics Fashions Win Over Amazon Shoppers?

After a quick business maneuver, those in the fashion industry wonder if Fabletics fashions will win over Amazon shoppers. Kate Hudson and company certainly hope so. This marvelous athleisure brand has been mounting profits for over 4 years. The growth of this once upstart business venture is truly remarkable and enviable. Amazon draws many online shoppers, and this mega giant company has stated that ladies fashions cover around 15% or more of their total purchases. Kate Hudson sees a business opportunity and takes it. Today, Fabletics sales on Amazon are happily making headway. Fabletics wants to capture a percentage of these Amazon shoppers.


Many millennials are prone to wearing comfortable attire in casual styles. This trend seems to even flow onto some workforce environments that hire more of this aged employees. These women are also less inclined to pay too much for their desired clothing. This is probably one of the reasons why Fabletics is appealing to this shopping group. Fabletics always ensures that their stylish athleisure wear is affordable to most. This brand doesn’t market only to high end customers. Rather they mainly serve customers that have a more modest income. Another business technique employed by Fabletics is their highly effective and accurate reverse showroom design.


While other fashion companies create their seasonal showrooms from designs favored by the leading fashion designers, Fabletics realizes that their customers aren’t relying on Parish Fashion Week to determine their active wear choices. With this in mind, Fabletics employs a sophisticated computer program able to keep tabs on company sales, personal computer browsing histories, survey responses, customer given reviews, customer exchanges or returns. The program can then essentially predict the next shopping trend likely to happen soon. Fabletics can actually switch their showroom items anytime that they desire. At the end of the road, Fabletics doesn’t have to report large unsold inventory items.


Another great benefit that shopping online at Fabletics gives consumers is the option to fill in their personal Lifestyle Quiz. All customers are shown this quiz, and they are prodded to take it. The striking answers surprise the quiz takers. Some women reflect that they wish they had the information regarding their ideal clothing style recommendations years ago. Every month, those lucky customers that become Fabletics VIP club members get an assortment of some new outfits offered for the month that the computer program recommends. Every lady should shop Fabletics.

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  • Fabletics athleisure wears have always been awesome since its inception and have constantly remained so with more and more shoppers buying from them. This relationship article has it that Fabletics has been a favorite for most ladies as the wear can be used on dates also. I believe Amazon has been the only retail store beating Fabletics but with their constant growth soon, Fabletics would be the biggest online shoppers for athleisure wears.