Why Zeco Auriemo Turned JHSF Into A Luxury Property Developer

JHSF is a real estate firm headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s a family-owned company that develops luxury real estate projects. They have built apartments, condos, office towers, malls, and an executive airport. For the past several years it has been headed by Zeco Auriemo was acts as the president. He has worked for this company since he was a teenager and so became very familiar with real estate development at a young age.

Zeco Auriemo was showing a lot of leadership ability even when he was younger. He took part in the International Youth Coexistence project in Japan, for example, as a teenager. He also spent some time living in Europe where Nelson Pessoa Filho taught him to ride horses.

He returned to Brazil when he was 17 and became a student at the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo. Four years later he has his degree in engineering. While he was studying in school he also had a job as JHSF where he worked in the parking administration industry. He eventually decided that he would join this company that his dad, Fabio Auriemo, led.

A big focus of JHSF since Zeco Auriemo took over has been building and managing luxury malls like Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and Shopping Metro Tucuruvi. He said that there were a lot more people in Brazil with big incomes but there weren’t any shopping options in Brazil crafted to cater to what they wanted to buy. They would have to leave the country to buy luxury goods so he wanted to change that dynamic.

His latest mall is Parque Cidade Jardim which lies inside of a huge complex Zeco Auriemo had built in Sao Paulo. The money that is now made from the mall is so big that JHSF became listed on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.