Whitney Wolfe Believes Her App Empowers Women

Never before has an app been so influential to women as Bumble is. Whitney Wolfe knew this when she started Bumble. She also knew things would get better if she had the chance to make more out of the app. Since she worked so hard on creating Bumble, she wants to keep it a space that empowers women, makes them feel safe and gives them a chance to choose. For update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Women don’t have a lot of power in the world. Whitney Wolfe knew this after working for a male-dominated industry. Before starting her own app, she worked for a different app that was primarily run by males. She wanted to make changes to the app, but many of the males thought it would work better their way. Even when she tried making changes that would have a positive impact based on her knowledge as a woman, the app developers didn’t want to hear it. Wolfe vowed to create an app where women could have their opinions on dating heard.

Another factor Whitney Wolfe wanted to add to her app was safety. She wanted to make sure women could feel safe even when they were in the dating app world. Wolfe made a point to always show people they had a chance to be safer. She also made the app safer by making sure women were the ones to send the first message. Since women could send that first message, they wouldn’t have to worry about unsolicited picture messages coming from men. Bumble solved one of the biggest problems in the app dating industry: no more pics from men!

The app also gives women more options to choose from people they want to date. In other apps, it’s difficult for women to weed through the hundreds (or thousands) of men in their area messaging them. Whitney Wolfe changed that with Bumble. Since more females are on Bumble, there’s a better chance a woman looking can find someone who is also looking for the same thing. It’s important to Wolfe to make sure women have the power and the ability to choose a date in the app.

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