What’s Next In The Financial Market? – Tim Armour Explains

Capital Group is currently among the best investment management firms worldwide. Currently, the man behind it all at Capital Group is Timothy Tim Armour, the Group’s chairman and chief executive officer. He was appointed in 2015.

Tim began his career path by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Vermont’s Middlebury College. He then began his career with Capital Group immediately after gaining entrance into it’s Associates Program. In fact, all of Tim’s investment experience over 30 years has been through his work with Capital Group. After these years of dedicated service to the Group, he has risen to be a financial legend.

Tim believes that a great deal of the financial managers have become complacent and rely on index funds to make decisions. He advises investors not to rely on index funds to understand business trends.

In 2015 Capital Group collaborated with Samsung in a deal that let them handle Asset Management. The deal brings the two giants together in an effort co-develop retirement solutions and asset distribution products. Tim Armour idea was to form a broader plan to jointly design investment products that meet the retirement, savings, and insurance demands of Korea’s investors.

After Donald trump election in November 2016, according to Timothy Armour, the markets have in the recent past shown a couple of fatigue hints. Equities are struggling to hit new highs but the bond market is showing some signs of stability. This has led to a couple of changes in asset price. Interest rates, however, have experienced a steady drop in his entire career, and he thinks this is the lowest they might go.

He admits that market regime changes aren’t easy to isolate and but holds on the possibility of a troublesome future thanks to the many upsetting government policies and related uncertainties.

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