What You Ought To Know About Shiraz Boghani, An Influential Entrepreneur

In the business world, success is one thing that only the lucky individuals live to enjoy. However, succeeding in one venture and then another is another thing that only a few individuals live to experience. Shiraz is one individual with a career reputation that can see him termed as ‘a jack-of-all-trades.’

The name Shiraz is prominent around the world because of his notable contributions and involvements in the industry. Shiraz is the co-founder of Sussex Health Care, a facility dedicated to taking care of the older individuals as well as those suffering from neurological conditions. The thriving healthcare is based in Sussex, England but its reputation passes across the globe.

Besides, Shiraz is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, one of his successful venture. Splendid is a hotel chain based in Great Britain. Even still, Shiraz finds himself holding various notable positions within the society. He is a respected member of the National Council, Agha Khan, as well as a Resource Development Convener. Also, the successful entrepreneur is a chairman of the board of the National Conciliation and Arbitration.

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The renowned entrepreneur has his roots in Kenya, Africa where he was born. Shiraz was an individual with a dream and vision even at a young age, and this is what saw him relocate to England to pursue his dreams. He is a certified accountant and began his career in 1969 at Chartered Accounts. Later, Shiraz joined Thomson McLintock & Co. also known as KPMG and contributed significantly to the company’s success.

In the 90’s, Shiraz set his eye for the hotel industry. It is right to say that the industry was welcoming for the entrepreneur as he never took long to taste the fruits of his work. The successful hotelier began launching limited service branded hotels. Currently, Shiraz takes pride with being involved with more than 25 hotelier projects which have seen him become a leader in the hotel industry. His hotels include The Grand Hotel and Spa at Yok, the Hilton Bankside, the Conrad London St. James, and the Holiday Inn at Wembley.

Regarding experience, Shiraz boasts of holding more than what is needed to understand the UK’s business circles. Not long ago, the successful entrepreneur received the Hotelier of the Year award from the Asian Business Awards, an appreciation to his significant contributions to the industry. Often, Shiraz continues to design new properties and positively influence the industry.

Although his involvement with the hotel industry calls for much time, Shiraz still has time to lead Sussex Health Care towards success. He utilizes his hotel knowledge to establish new opportunities to Sussex. Shiraz has overseen the health care expand its outreach as well as improve its services. Besides, Shiraz is a philanthropist and enjoys giving back to the society. He firmly believes that all children should receive education around the world and has never hesitated whenever a chance comes to support the course.

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