What to Know About Lovaganza before Their 2020 Worldwide Celebrations

Geared on a humanitarian mission, Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that inspires Humanity in the creation of a New World of Peace, Abundance, and Unity. Lovaganza is divided into two entities. They include:
• Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise- This is the profit making entity that produces films that provoke global impact
• Lovaganza Foundation- This is the non-profit entity that is set to open officially in 2018

Jean-Francois Gagnon the head of Lovaganza
Born on 25th September 1969, Gagnon is an experienced writer, singer, composer, musician, and a record producer. Since 2010, Gagnon has been working on the long-awaited Lovaganza Convoy motion picture trilogy due for 2018. Gagnon, as a co-creator has also contributed to the creation of the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations that are set to happen in 50 cities around the world.

Lovaganza 2020 Park
Javier Martinez is the man behind the design of the park that is set to be up by 2020. The park is set to have few tents that will accommodate a huge number of people. There will be huge tents in the middle of the park that will host the major events on prnewswire.com. Few smaller tents will also surround the park, and they will act as entertainment joints as well as recreational spots.

Javier Martinez has background knowledge in Graphic Designing and Advertising. He also has knowledge in 3D Modeling and Animation. With his expertise, the Lovaganza Park is expected to be a piece of art once it is completed.

Stage Shows
One of the most anticipated shows is Extravaganza of Love that is expected to be at the main pavilion of the celebrations, the Grand Chapiteau. The show will be performed by acrobats, dancers, and actors who will showcase diverse world cultures. The glassless 3D wraparound screens will display the show to the entire congregation at the celebration.

Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy
The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy will use cinema to bring you drama, action, comedy, and mystery on a scale you have never experienced before. The trilogy that has been filmed and exhibited using IMMERSCOPE technology will be presented to the world using 3D and 2D theaters as well as glassless 3D screens in the IMMERSCOPE traveling theater across the world.

The convoy film trilogy will include:
1. Follow Your Sunshine
2. The Prophecy
3. The New World

Lovaganza on Vimeo
There are a few videos produced by Lovaganza that are already on Vimeo. The videos include trailers such as The Screen Tests.

The Lovaganza celebrations are set to evoke various feelings that include peace, happiness, unity, love, and joy. The films are set to make a positive impact on the world in general by showcasing different world cultures.

Reference: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41611183/Lovaganza-2020

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