Vinod Gupta Molded the Modern Information Age

The state of information technology in the modern era is unlike anything we have seen before. There is more information at our fingertips than we could ever hope to process. The average individual could just pull out the device in their pocket and with a few flicks of the finger, they can pull up any information needed within seconds. This level of accessibility would not have been possible without the vision of Vinod Gupta. He once took a mere $100 loan and turned it into a $680 million dollar corporation within a few years. In a recent Ideamensch interview, he tells the story of how an idea changed the world.

Vinod Gupta was born in a small village in India. He dreamed of making it big someday, but he did not have the resources to do so in his home country. Thus, he took his education to the land of opportunity known as the United States. He attended and graduated from the University of Nebraska. It was at this point when a local company named Commodore Corporation hired him to be a Marketing Research Analyst. He had to compile a list of all the competition by hand for his boss. This period inspired him to create an information database that anyone could use.

This idea morphed into InfoGROUP. A consumer and business company that complied and gave information out to anyone needed to know something. He ultimately sold off the company to pursue a new venture that would allow him to support the next generation of bright minds. Vinod Gupta looks forward to seeing how the world of information technology continues to evolve with the consumer trends. We are an a era of limitless potential, and anyone can stake their claim on the world with just a little determination.

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