Vijay Eswaran: The entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time. He is a philanthropist and an author in the making. Vijay has published six books with the most recent being ‘Two minutes from Abyss,’ which was published in 2016. He has also founded prominent companies like the QI group where he is the executive chairman.

Vijay Eswaran has continually discussed matters investment and gender parity in various states such as New York. During the Concordia summit, Vijay Eswaran addressed the importance of education among women especially in issues concerning businesses and entrepreneurship. However, he explained that most of the Asian universities have a disconnection between the students, professors and the curriculum. This has led to the company prioritizing women empowerment more by building a university that reached out to many female students.

Vijay Eswaran’s life has not been a smooth ride, and his success has been through sheer hard work. Growing from a humble background, he tried his luck in many businesses where he learned how to survive with the little he had. At one time he worked as a cab driver and used the little he earned to finance his tertiary education where he graduated as a socio-economic degree student. After his graduation, Vijay decided to travel throughout Europe doing odd jobs for survival.

In 2017, Vijay and his partners created the QI city. This was a big commercial and residential city of about 1.2 million investments. The project is set to be completed by 2020. There are expectations that a teaching hospital and a medical service unit will be offered as well. Lastly, Vijay also chairs the council of QI University (QIUP), in QI city.

Qi group has over the years employed qualified professionals to progress the company’s vision. Based in Hong Kong, Eswaran’s QI group also sells energy, nutrition and jewelry products. Lastly, Vijay has been involved in several charity activities where he helps the less fortunate individuals in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.