Tips For Sourcing An Event Planner

There is a lot of work that goes into hiring an event planner in your area, from determining your goals to creating a budget that works for you. One step that is very important is taking your time to source a qualified planner. Word of the mouth is not enough when you are hiring a planner to take care of your event. There are organizations and communities to research when checking the reputation of your potential event planner.


Professional Membership Groups: You can start sourcing event planners in NYC by checking with local and national chapters of professional membership groups. Members of the chapter can point out experienced planners and planners who are new to the industry. The chapters include the Association of Wedding Professionals, National Association of Catering Executives and International Special Events Society.


Local Chambers of Commerce and Hotels: It is best to hire an event planner who has experience in planning your type of event. One way to find an event planner with experience with a specific event is to check out the local convention and visitors bureau.


There is nothing wrong with listening to your peers and checking references when looking for a qualified planner. However, it is important to expand your search to professional organizations and communities. This way, you can find out who has a strong reputation among other event planners in your area.


One of the best event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The company specializes in design, production and planning for events ranging from banquets to corporate functions. You can hire this company to take care of tasks such as venue selection, lighting, photography and entertainment. The planners also offer branding, custom painting, workshops and styling services. Twenty Three Layers works hard to plan a successful event around your personal or business goals.


You can find the right planner for your event by sourcing them through professional affiliations.

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  • You will find many event planners who are members or keep in touch with other members. The hotel convention sales department is another source because they will point out reliable planners. There have been a research paper that is doing all they can in this regard and I know it will work out very well in return for them.