The Revelation of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin On What Happened To Arpaio

Many victims of injustices are normally pardoned by the president of USA. They are left to live as free men despite the crimes that they committed.

The pardon that has raised a lot of criticism is the one given by president Trump to Sheriff Arpaio. The former sheriff of Maricopa is a free man despite the misdeeds that he committed to the immigrants and the citizens of Arizona. The pardon was approved by Susan R. Bolton.

Sherriff Arpaio was facing charges for the contempt of court and racial profiling. He was judged in 2017 for lack of adherence to the judicial orders. He was set to appear before the judges for the hearing of the sentence when Trump pardoned him. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The pardoned put an end to the fight aimed at serving justice to the people who suffered in his regime. Lacey and Larkin became the victims of Arpaio’s injustices when they were arrested in 2007 they were arrested for revealing the details of the grand jury in the office of Arpaio.

They also exposed how the women in the prisons were being raped. The revelation that was published in the newspaper of Lacey and Larkin described how the prisoners were being beaten and tortured.

They were suffering at the hands of Arpaio, and some of them opted to take out their lives by committing suicide. Arpaio mismanaged the county funds, and millions of dollars were lost in corruption. President Trump pardoned Arpaio despite the documented crimes and the abuse of office.

Lacey and Larkin recall how the exposure of the crimes led to spending their time in prisons. They revealed the hidden assets worth $700,000 that was owned by the Arpaio. He had concealed his name in the records of the assets. Lacey and Larkin found out in their investigation that the prisoners were not allowed to access of the women went to come since she was denied to see a doctor.

Arpaio misused the authority that he had to fight his rivals in the state. Many lives were ruined under his leadership. Many people died while others are still counting the losses and recuperating from the crimes carried out by the sheriff.

Arpaio violated the rights of the immigrants. Any immigrant that entered into the state illegally was treated with torture before being sent out of the country.

Lacey and Larkin noted that Arpaio received a pardon from the president due to the support that he accounted to Trump during his presidential is well known that Arpaio endorsed Trump as the president of USA.

He played an important role ensuring that Trump became president since he knew that he would receive a pardon. The pardon is also attributed to political experience that influences the top government officials in the current administration. He skillfully escaped the sentence through the pardon.

Lacey and Larkin have enabled the members of the public to obtain justice. The journalists founded an organization that fights for human rights. The group is known as Lacey and Larkin Flontera Fund, and it has played a key role in philanthropic work.