The Life of James Larkin

James Larkin was born in Liverpool, England on January 28, 1874. He is of Irish descent and grew up in the poorest neighborhoods of Liverpool. His formal education was very limited. His family did not have much money so he had to pitch in. To create income for the family, the young boy worked several different jobs.

Eventually he ended up becoming a foreman on the docks. From doing the type of jobs he did, he felt as though people with these professions did not get equal and just treatment. Because of this, the foreman fought for the rights of workers. He became a member of the National Union Of Dock Laborers. He also began to work with organizing trade unions in the early 1900s.

James Larkin was a staunch believer in activism. He actively protested against the injustices that were done to laborers. He had a specific strike method that resembled military style. In 1907, he moved to Dublin, Ireland where he started a labor union called Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

His purpose and plan for this union was to create a sense of community of industrial workers into one organized force. Their level of skill did not matter. It only mattered that they would stand up and demand justice.

The activist did not stop there. He founded the Irish Labor Party. This party led many strikes throughout Ireland. The party’s most infamous strike was carried out in 1913. It was over one hundred thousand workers that participated in the strike that would be known as Dublin Lockout. These strikes lasted for several months into action was made.

These strikes resulted in fair employment for these laborers throughout Dublin. He later traveled to the United States, where he furthered his activism. He also completed some activism work in other parts of the United kingdom. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

James Larkin is an important labor union figure in history. His work and activism led to many movements and strikes.

Improvements and advancements were made for employees. Mostly, his work has extended throughout time for workers getting fair treat and equal employment opportunities.

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