Successful CEO Raises Company’s Revenue Through Raising Employees’ Capabilities

CEO Angela Koch of the U.S. Money Reserve lays out the path for her employees to develop themselves that effectively builds the company’s revenue.

It starts with mastery.

Mastery on whatever she takes on is the foundational strength of Angela.

Prior to her life in U.S. Money Reserve, Angela started building on her experiences wherever she went, initially driven by the basic need to keep her own new marriage and their finances afloat. She quickly acquired grit as she took on three jobs at one time without any college degree and work experience.

Mastery of the processes of each of her work experiences enabled her to refine their operations which in turn put her in a position of higher responsibilities in diverse fields such as pharmacy, power and even a Jewish foundation.

Angela believed in the mastery of everything related to her work and the business in order to matter in that company. She didn’t discriminate on what work or business she got and realized she was good at any job she was given in any industry.

Angela’s ability to understand the process of any business in a short time and making significant contributions brought her to KLA-Tencor.

KLA-Tencor was where she learned best practices in terms of process control with the most advanced inspection tools, the science of experimental and theoretical measurement of uncertain outcomes and computational analytics. Read more: US Money Reserve INC | BBB and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

Angela was learning from the very best in the industry when it comes to system and process analysis.

Talk about an outstanding achievement for someone who started her career as a college drop out!

With this unique ability who excels in the field and learning from the best, Angela joined U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued precious metals dealing with gold, silver and platinum coins.

In time, Angela became the company’s CEO, the only woman in the industry, shaping and directing the organization’s vision and determines its culture. And once again, she differentiates and innovates driven by the belief that developing her employees will lead to corporate growth.

Once again, taking from her own professional journey, she assures every incoming team member that they too will certainly know how to run the system, master all the materials and all the customer’s needs. She assures them they will be able to provide the highest level of service and she provides them the means to do so.

That’s Angela Koch’s leadership trademark.

The U.S. Money Reserve offers gold, silver and platinum coins to buyers as a personal appreciating collection. With over 500,000 satisfied customers over more than ten years, the U.S. government-issued coin distributor has become a well-trusted source and brand.

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