Stream Energy Is Caring For Their Communities In Need

In Dallas, Stream Energy is doing big things to help people in their community through philanthropy. Giving back is something that the company believes is very important as a way to give thanks to the communities that have helped them become a success. This has led to Stream Energy developing strong relationships with different organizations while winning the trust and respect of their customers now and in the future. Over the years, they have been able to do a lot and decided that it was time to do even more for those who are in need. This is how Stream Cares was born and the arm of the company is already off to a good start.

The efforts that Stream Energy led in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey got the attention of people around the United States as they watched them not only make monetary donations to help those who had been impacted but also by making efforts to physically help in the areas that had been struck by the storm. Many people were left without homes and didn’t even have access to basic necessities like personal care items. Stream Energy worked closely with local organizations that helped get these items into the hands of the people who needed them. They found that some of the people who had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey were their own customers. In order to allow them more time to rebuild, they did not cut off their power if they were not in a position to pay their bill.

Stream Energy participates in these different philanthropic efforts to help give people hope even during hard situations. There are many families and individuals in the Dallas area who have become homeless. There has been an alarming increase in levels of homelessness throughout most of Texas and their associates are particularly interested in helping this population. Among the homeless are children who are working hard to just survive. By working with Hope Supply Co, Stream Energy is able to provide personal care items and more to students who are experiencing homelessness. These little gestures can help children get through these situations.