Soothing Hemp Oil Infused EOS Lip Balm Is A Crowd Pleaser

EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balms are nothing new to lip balm lovers worldwide but they have a new product that is all the buzz. We all have been using their flavorful balls of balm for years and over the years have incorporated the shimmering balm and SPF containing balms into our collections. Now EOS lip balm is jumping on the hemp oil band wagon. For years hemp popularity has been on the rise. Hemp infused lotions was some of the first to hit the market and then in 2018 the first hemp infused lip balm was created by Milk Makeup.

What makes EOS lip balm infused with hemp so popular? The answer is easy. EOS is available virtually anywhere you shop. You can find them at the check-out of Ulta or even Walgreens. It does not matter if you are at your local big box store, favorite make up chain or corner drug store; EOS lip balms are right there near the check out or near the lip product aisle.

Hemp has been used since the Mesopotamian era for things such as ink and fabric. Hemp oil has been helping people soothe aching and dry skin and relieving anxiety and stress. The rise in popularity of this product has created widespread availability of it. You can purchase hemp oil directly from health food stores, online shopping sites such as amazon and even at some chain stores. EOS lip balm has infused their already scrumptious balms with this moisturizing and soothing oil. The flavors available are two tasty options including Happy Herb and Baked Brownie. Happy herb tastes like an earthy Pina colada and baked brownie tastes like a tasty dessert treat. These two flavor options combined with easy accessibility to EOS lip balms make this new hemp infused balm a true crowd pleaser.