Sharon Prince’s Perspectives on Hopeful Space

Sharon Prince, the founder, and president of Grace Farms Foundation, recently took her time to share her insights on deep space. Prince spoke about how comfortable spaces can trigger global change, boost education, conversation, and insight using thoughtful design coupled with a relationship with nature.

Sharon Prince narrated the importance of hopeful spaces as she looked back at the milestones achieved by her foundation. It is because of the comfortable spaces that she was able to communicate and advocate for change in the world. She was particularly impressed by the River Building’s porous design, which was intended to motivate as well as break down barriers between individuals.

In the opinion of Sharon Prince, when advocates of human rights, government agencies, spiritual leaders, not-for-profit organizations, acclaimed artists, and the general public are convened, what seems impossible suddenly becomes doable. The porous and unique setting of Grace Farms is, therefore, meant to encourage visitors to slow down the speed of their daily habit. This will enable them to reflect and value nature, and engage unanticipated conversations leading to new perspectives and ideas.

Comfortable space alone is not enough to trigger inspiration and communication leading to change. It also requires individuals with a vision and commitment to achieve the set goals. Sharon Prince’s team, comprising of people from various fields including faith, nature, arts, community, and justice, has been very instrumental to the foundation. Together, the team has successfully created a unique boundary-less culture of excellence, grace, and peace.


Hopeful space matters as it helps in advancing positivity across the globe, even when faced with the most horrific and daunting humanitarian crimes. This allows Prince’s foundation to firmly work together to ensure the world’s most pressing problems are solved.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.