Sharon Prince Welcomes Carrie Mae Weems to Grace Farms Foundation

Carrie Mae Weems joined the Grace Farms Foundation to provide support against racism, violence, inequality, and injustice. She is recognized from her work in photography and another artistic career in the industry; primarily in creating space for change. Grace Farms Chair and President, Sharon Prince, welcomed Carrie to the facility intending to provide a transition from her powerful voice in the society.

Carrie Mae Weems experience and knowledge from past violent events develop a picture which enables us to consider peace and harmony. In a phenomenon referred to as Past Tense, Weems encouraged the need to value life and avoid violence which is frequently regarded as impossible. She remains hopeful that there is always room for change through a sense of goodwill, aspirations, and rights.

Her role at Grace Farms comprises of contributing to fighting against human and wildlife trafficking as she has spent over thirty years in encouraging peace, equality, and harmony among individuals. According to Sharon Prince, reopening of Grace Farms in October 2015 aims at welcoming individuals from diverse areas to contribute in their five primary missions. Weems experience and collaboration with other groups guarantee her presence will provide significant changes over time.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince is currently an executive officer of Grace Farms, a private organization focusing on art, faith, justice, nature, and community. Founded in 2009, Grace Farms is open for the public to provide peace and grace for all visitors. Over many years, it has received many awards which include SAANA for the work in river building. Some of Sharon Prince’s objectives include fighting against child exploitation, violence and human trafficking across the country and around the world in general. Before joining Grace Farms, she served as a board member at Next Generation Nepal and former President of North66. She pursued Business Administration at the University of Tulsa and received her MBA from the same institution.

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