Serge Belamant Is The Technological Innovator You Need To Know

These days, athletes, musicians, and Hollywood stars are not the only people who can garner incredible amounts of admiration from the public. With a larger segment of the population becoming technologically savvy, the leaders in the world of technology have also become cultural icons themselves.

The late Steve Jobs is one notable example and Bill Gates continues to be a highly admired individual. However, they are not the only ones deserving of admiration and appreciation.

Though his name may not ring as familiar, Serge Belamant is similarly deserving to be known as one individual who has changed the way society works today from a technological standpoint and his contributions are likely to impact the world many, many years into the future.

His Work History

According to Everybody Wiki, Serge Belamant began working professionally at the civil engineering company Matrix. Right from his first job, it became clear that he had a knack for working with computers.

He continually worked on developing interfaces and statistical models. As he became more comfortable working with computers, his skills continued to grow and he eventually caught the attention of the supercomputer manufacturer Control Data. While there, he would learn more about lineal programming and developed a deeper understanding for how it could be used as a tool for securing transactions.

The French native would continue to gather experience and develop his skills as he worked for SASWITCH, and eventually, he founded his own company Net1.

One of the key creations of Net1 was the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card that could enable people to finish transactions quickly without having to worry about fraud. He made that card using the funds transfer system (FTS) and universal electronic payment systems (UEPS) technologies.

His Claim to Fame

As noted by, Serge Belamant holds several key patents that were crucial to the creation and continued development of blockchain technology. Because he developed an interest in finding a way to secure financial transactions, many of his innovations are geared toward that goal.

To put it simply, the blockchain technology being used to store and secure highly important and sensitive pieces of data would not exist without the work of Serge Belamant.

Even today, he is working to further expand the usefulness of blockchain technology with the work he is doing at Zilch Technology Limited together with his son Philip.

Serge Belamant has already accomplished a great deal, but it seems that he is not finished when it comes to producing more innovative examples of technology.

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