Securus Technologies Won the Most Coveted Award for the Year 2018

Securus Technologies is a highly respected firm that deals with providing solutions for investigations, corrections, law enforcement, public safety, and government payment services. The company has launched a new method of combating crime and threats in prisons and jails brought by the use of drone devices, Securus Technology is using drone detection technology to bring to an end such threats and crimes.

There is evidence that drones are used by the inmates to deliver several illegal contrabands into the prisons and jails. The corrections officials said that drones are used to carry drugs, cell phones, and other unlawful things into the prison. Securus Technologies has been working on this new technology for the last 18 years to see how efficient it can help to stop such activities; the organization is partnering with other organizations and government to see that no illegal contraband access the correctional facilities.

The new technology is expected to improve with time. Securus Technologies plan to major on the strengths of the latest technology and see how its weaknesses can be overcome with time. The Securus personnel is working tirelessly with other companies to see that the new technology is installed, and implemented successfully. Securus Technologies is committed to working together with corrections officials to prevent the illegal drone delivery of contraband. They have already identified new methods and techniques, and with time, the new drone detection technology will be the best for the detection of drones.

The company has been named a three-time winner at the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer service. The Award is a world-class honor for customer service, sales professionals, contact center, and business development. The employees of the Securus Technologies received major awards during this event. The awards ceremony was attended by over 600 executives from the USA and other parts of the world. Over 2,500 organizations were nominated and evaluated for the award. Securus Technologies is proud of being the world’s best in Customer Services.

Securus Technologies is based in Carrollton, Texas. Its services are in over 3,500 correction agencies, law enforcement, and public safety. The company is committed to ensuring that the public and the corrections officials are safe. Steve awards are granted in seven programs: The Stevie Awards for Great Employers, The International Business Awards, The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards, German Stevie Awards, The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Services, and the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Over 10,000 organizations from about 60 different nations in different parts of the world compete for The Stevie Awards Competitions on a yearly basis. Organizations of different sizes and types receive awards and honor. The people behind the success of this organizations also receive honor and awards for their commitment.