Samoan Island, A Tropical Island

     There are two largest island Upolu and Savaii in Samoa. They are the largest polynesian islands. The island of Savaii is less populated than the island of Upolu. There is another island named Tutuila. Tutuila Island is a lot smaller than Upolu and Savaii, but it is largest in American Samoa.

There are other group of islands which includes Manono, Apolima and Nu’ulopa. The south latitude of the island is 13 and 14 degrees and the west longitude is 169 and 173 degrees. It is covered by tropical forest and volcanic mountains. There are also black sand beaches on some islands.

Mt. Silisili is the highest mountain on Savaii Island. The highest mountain in American Samoa is Ta’u, Lata Mountain. The island’s climate is tropical which means that it rains from November through April. The island often gets hit by tropical cyclones due to its location in the South Pacific Ocean. Usually cyclones happens between December and March.

The islands are formed due to hotspots, which is a result due to movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate. The Island lies in straight line from east to west the same direction where the plate is moving. In 2009, one hundred and seventy people got killed due to an earthquake and tsunami in Samoa Island and in Tonga. This earthquake was the largest which was recorded in 2009. It was occurred in Kermadec Tonga which is on the outer rise of the subduction zone.

The island is the part of Pacific Ring of Fire, because of this, earthquakes and volcanic activities are common on this island. The Ring of Fire is the primary area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. The languages that are used in Samoa is Tokelauan language and Tuvaluan language.