Roseann Bennett, LFMT: Slaying Depression One Session At A Time


Roseann Bennett advocates a lifestyle of productivity, intentional and peace. She explains that there’s not one singular magic formula to living above mayhem and apart from decline. Not everything that impacts our lives lies within our control although we’d like to think so. Yes, we steer the grand majority of our lives and the places where we land will largely result from our direct actions. Yet this is not always the case.


When we honestly recognize our variables of an equation along with those that other individuals, establishments, governmental laws, or what have you also contribute, we more effectively adjust. Maintaining a healthy base of positive beliefs and daily actions further equips us to overcome challenges and thrive. When expounding on this concept, Roseann Bennet likes to refer to Frankl’s quote “When we are no longer able to change a situation ~ we are challenged to change ourselves.”


Foundational to such successful living is the willingness to appropriately sacrifice or postpone certain base pleasures in order to achieve individual, familial, financial, spiritual and physiological objectives. As one campaign puts it, some activities require us to get off of the couch. However, if you have not homed in on a purpose you may more safely continue vegetating. Active participation in life mandates living on purpose. How many tragic stories have you heard of someone obtaining an adverse background report simply because she willy nilly decided to hang out? And this can occur through any peer group. Unwarranted adversity does not discriminate per age or life stage. Nevertheless, while expending significant energy on your goals, remember to sprinkle in time for tranquility. Granted, true peace is an internal quality that remains intact no matter what we’re encountering throughout the day but setting aside time for rest and relaxation is paramount to continued advancement. Also note that such times apply on the individual level and in your relationships with others. Get More Information Here.


Roseann Bennett and her career partner gravely desire the wellbeing of every client especially the societally marginalized. Together they founded the Center for Assessment And Treatment where she serves as the Executive Director. Located in Hackettstown, New Jersey, the Center provides licensed, professional counseling to individuals, couples and families. A large percentage of their clientele consists of troubled teens and marriages teetering toward divorce. They established this organization in 2010 in order to continue providing access to top quality therapeutic sessions to every client, turning away none. Today, with over ten years of direct counseling, Bennett employs a team well equipped to assess, coach and guide others and help them to recognize their need for and ways to implement change.


Roseann Bennett earned both of her advanced degrees, M.A. in Psychology and Ed.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Seton Hall University which is also located in New Jersey. She encourages the in depth reading of the book “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz as a catalyst for both objective and intimate analysis of all of our relationships. Roseann Bennett recognizes the need for support on both emotional and psychological aspects of women encountering workplace hostility. She’s also passionate about helping others recognize and seek professional help for clinical depression. One can spend many years of their life sorely on the sidelines and missing out on healthy relationships with others simply because they’ve refused to seek out professional perspective regarding their condition. Sometimes we merely need someone else to help us disengage from some faulty ideology of success and shine some light on us such that the doldrums can scatter.


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