Rocketship Education Sets Educational Standards

Parents everywhere are grateful to the existence of Rocketship Education. This educational breakthrough was established by Mateo Sheedy, John Danner, and Preston Smith in 2006. They had the premises to eliminate the achievement gap in education. The founders of Rocketship Education were determined to make quality education available to all students in need, especially those who were considered to be socioeconomically disadvantaged. Research proves that students of this classification tend to score lower academically. This is the outcome of different factors like nutritional disadvantages, unstable housing, and less time with parents due to working conditions. Rocketship Education works hard to fill the void in their students’ lives.

Rocketship practices what one might call a tetradic R factor of education. The first R stands for radical. Rocketship Education makes radical changes and efforts toward the educational needs of each student. This helps to assure them more successful lives. The second R stands for reasonable. Rocketship Education is more accepting of their students no matter what their financial situation may be. This makes them applicable to a broader range of students. The third R stands for rewarding. This represents Rocketship’s ability to enhance every student’s learning as unique individuals. The last R stands for Rocketship. Rocketship is practicing healthy and beneficial educational experiences that will help each student aim towards great heights like a rocketship.

These impressive ethics are displayed continuously in the learning approaches offered at Rocketship Unified Academy. Parents and educators have worked together to construct a customized learning curriculum that fits the talents and personal learning abilities of each student. Rocketship does not have to commit to any standardization, so there is a vast amount of learning concentrations available to these special learners. There are classes that teach academic basics as well as technical skills that will help students master tasks in today’s business world. Classes are included that teach computer coding, STEM, and even media literacy. Access to this knowledge teaches students skills like understanding information in news, determining the credibility of sources, and even deciphering whether resources are liable to be toxic to its readers. Rocketship Education is setting educational standards for educators everywhere by exercising their innovative and specialized teaching approaches.

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