Refinance With Ignition Financial To Get Lower Monthly Payments

If you are someone who just realized that you’re paying too much for your car payments, maybe you wish that you had someone who could shop around for the best rates for you before you made your final decision about the car you chose to buy. Perhaps you thought that your dealer had your best interest at heart and was giving you the best rate, but you soon came to realize that you are wrong about this. Many people are paying such astronomical rates for their cars that they may be paying interest rates of up to 28% or even more, which begs the question if it’s legal or not!


Legally, there is a limit to how much interest rates someone can charge for a car, and even though a dealership can charge less than the maximum, many of them will charge the highest amount because they can. Why would a company charge 15% for interest when they can get you for 28%? Most people who pay such a high interest rates are people who have credit that’s not the best, and dealers will take advantage of this. It’s even possible that a person who has good credit is suffering with high payments, but there is a solution.


Making the choice to refinance a car loan is a smart idea, especially for those who couldn’t stand to make another expensive payment when they know that they qualify for a lower payment. Ignition Financial shops around your portfolio to different financiers, which means that you don’t have to just settle with any company until you get the lower rates that you’re looking for.


Ignition Financial has all the experience necessary as well as the professionals to get you the loan that you need, especially if you expect to have monthly payments that are significantly lower. Even businesses can deal directly with Ignition Financial to find the best loans, especially if they are interested in buying several cars as opposed to only one car for their business. There is so much potential for anyone working with Ignition Financial, and the only thing it will take is a few minutes filling out an application online, so what do you have to lose but your high, current monthly payments?


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  • Get low monthly payments because your refinancing has allowed you to cut the interest rates, which ultimately means that you can say slash my payments, and you’ll get just that. It is indeed cool to write my which is exactly what I am going to do very soon.