Recent Ponderings – Sajwani and Trump

Damac Owner Continues to Work with the Trumps


Hussain Sajwani, Middle-Eastern billionaire and top expert in real estate, claims that he is more than able and willing to continue to do business with the Trumps. Not even clever magicians can make President Trump’s recent travel bans disappear from global conversation, but Sajwani draws many customers from the Pakistan, the Middle East and India. Though he won’t discuss Trump politics, he clearly expects Trump’s brand to retain its aura of splendour: He announced a second Trump golf course, one designed by Tiger Woods this time, to open within a bigger Damac community the next two years. In a subtle note on the Trump course impacts on his life and business, he started taking golf lessons himself. He continues to proudly love and support the Trumps.


Before building his luxurious residential communities, Sajwani founded his first catering business – one that fed American military troops in Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Bosnia. As the latest Trump partnership unfolds, Sajwani notes that he hasn’t contacted Trump since he last saw him on his inauguration day, when he and more than 13 other Trump partners attended.


Hussain Sajwani Family Business and More


Even if there are no more Trump deals in the near future, Sajwani is still interested in expanding into America. He has recently passed on projects within New York and Los Angeles in 2015 – when the market seemed overbought and U.S. taxes made their pricey propositions. If the new administration delivers on its promise to bring taxes down, then that’ll be a big push and an encouragement to press forward; this is how Sajwani sees it – if only there were a way to emphasize it. Amid concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest, President Trump has firmly promised that he will not be making new business deals while in the Oval Office. On another note, Sajwani told NBC News something else to note: His ties with the Trump family extend beyond the President — to his daughter Ivanka and especially to Eric and Donald Jr.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter @hussainsajwani.


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