Reasons to be Afraid for 2017: Negative Interest Rates, Cashless Society & Chaos

Most people don’t really understand the importance of Brexit. They might have heard what the political pundits said, but “who can tell whether that is propaganda or the truth?” Any way, you look at it, there are many reasons to be afraid for 2017.


“Where there is Smoke, there is Fire”


“London will die as a banking center, if they vote to LEAVE.” “The British people won’t be free, if they vote to STAY.” A simple vote called Brexit, turned out to be very complex.


Even in 2017, the full ramifications of Brexit have not been fully felt. Will London lose 100,000 jobs as top Wall Street banks warned? Many can see the “smoke” and understand there is a “fire,” but what can you do to protect yourself?


“Something is Happening”


What if you don’t want to go cashless, but live in Sweden; what can you do? Sweden continues to push its Cash Less society agenda. Even India is waging war on large paper bills.


Meanwhile, China seems to gain more prestige. The Chinese yuan was added to the IMF basket of currencies. Should a wise investor, sell Swedish krona and buy Chinese yuan?


“Buy Gold As Safe Haven”


What have wealthy people done in these uncertain times? What are central bankers doing? What are Chinese moving into the middle class, doing to protect their wealth?


“They are buying gold.”


No single national currency can help you survive global strife. Negative interest rates will erode the value of a paper currency, but it won’t damage gold. Why? Gold’s value is not entirely based on interest rates.


US Money Reserve sells a wide range of gold and silver products. You can invest in priceless gold coins from centuries’ past. You could invest in high-quality gold bullion coins made in 2017. Wealthy people purchase US Money Reserve coins to protect their wealth.


The most valuable numismatics are tiny masterpieces of art. The designs on them, have been made by the top artists in the world.


You don’t need to worry about the chaos that is emerging with respect to international currency exchange rates. You don’t need to lose sleep. Simply quell your fears with a little gold.

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