Randal Nardone’s Education And Career At Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. His career has no doubt been one filled with his impressive achievements. Nardone has been part of the success at Fortress Investment Group. He also occupies the roles of principal at the company. During his career, Randal has been tasked with multiple jobs, which he manages seamlessly. To successfully execute all duties assigned to him, he ensures that each department has a team of diligent and talented employees who assist him in running the company. He is also a member of the firm’s board of directors. Randal is experienced in legal matters as well as investment matters, his unique skill set that makes him invaluable to the company. Randal Nardone has been a critical part of the Investment firm’s success. He brings to the table connections to a large market, which benefits the market. Forbes recently listed Randal as one of the wealthiest men in the world.

His education background

About Randal Nardone, pursued a degree in both biology and English, a very ambitious plan. He emerged victorious by graduating from both courses. Shortly after graduating, he enrolled to do LAW at Boston University. He finished this degree and graduated after which he was employed at a Thacher Proffitt &Wood. After a few years at this law firm, Randal Nardone left the company to pursue some of his other interests in finance.

Randal Nardone’s career

For a short time, he served at UBS as managing director after which he moved on to Black Financial Management serving as the principal. As entrepreneurship started becoming a lucrative business, Randal gained interest in the field. He achieved this objective by being one of the founders of Fortress Investment group. Joining this bandwagon proved one of the best moves for his professional career. Randal proved to be one of the best-qualified founders to help the company get to its current status today. He has helped the company win a couple of awards over the years, including the management firm for the year 2014. Randal has also spared a little time to participate in the founding of new companies such as Fortress Macro Advisers.