Paul Mampilly Helps People Make Money on their Investments

Paul Mampilly is the owner of the Newsletter Profits Unlimited that guides subscribers about the stocks that are set to shoot. He currently serves as the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Apart from that, Mampilly oversees two prominent trading services known as True Momentum and extreme Fortunes, and he is a weekly contributor at the Winning Investor Daily.

Paul Mampilly has utilized his education well in the finance department, particularly his MBA. He worked for the Bankers trust in 1991 at the position of an assistant manager. While he was acquiring experience and expertise with investing, he earned lucrative posts at legal companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank. Many people saw Paul as an important asset to the business, and for this reason, billion dollar companies hired him.

He managed the hedge fund of Kinetics Asset Management and helped the company increase its assets to $25. He lost interest in generating income for the ultra-wealthy and saw it fit to spend quality time with his family at home. Currently, Paul Mampilly is active in the finance sector where he serves as a research and investment analyst. He finds joy and happiness in assisting common people to make more money. He strives to teach them how to use and invest their money so that they can have a better life. His newsletters offer important advice and investment tricks that assist people to make a forward step. Paul Mampilly has to be featured on leading channels like CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and fox business news.

Paul joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, and since that, more than 90000 people have signed his newsletter profit unlimited. The 8-page newsletter offers a new investment opportunity every month. It comes with a model portfolio that contains a list of different stocks that Paul recommends his readers to purchase.

Paul has an intense interest in the stock market and is a guru in identifying small enterprises that use modern business models and products. As a hedge fund consultant and financial advisory editor, Paul always shares his knowledge with many people who need help. He was awarded his MBA in 1996 at the Fordham University.

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