Pattiz adds another podcast

Radio, it’s just so last century. Nowadays, when people look for something to listen to when they’re not in the mood to bug out to music, they stay miles away from the radio dial. Instead, they turn to podcasts.


Anyone who knows anything about podcasting knows that the PodcastOne Network is a kind of a big deal, as the saying goes. It’s the largest, most successful advertisement-based podcast network in the country. Now, it’s about to grow one podcast bigger, and the situation could get scary.


The PodcastOne network is debuting a new show, called “Beyond the Darkness.” The show’s theme revolves around the paranormal. It will feature debates and discussions about such topics as time-travel, how devils, demons, angels, and fairies influence our everyday life, whether ghosts exist, and whether the goblins that haunt your dreams at night have real-world analogs.


One celebrity, Chris Jericho, a former WWE wrestler, has turned to podcasting, too. He’s been called the PodcastOne network’s MVP. Chris is a champion of this new podcast and recently said that he looks forward to listening to it, being moved, and perhaps thoroughly creeped out.


The podcast will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, two audio warriors. Schrader is a well-known writer and radio host, while Dennis has produced and hosted many radio shows over the years. The new podcast, in short, is in good hands.


The PodcastOne Network was founded in 2012. It was the brainchild of Norman Pattiz, a veteran of the radio world who has proven to be a podcast visionary. Pattiz quickly recruited the famous wrestler, Chris Jericho, to his network. He then signed a slew of podcast heavy-weights, such as Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, not to mention Neil Strauss.


The new podcast, “Beyond the Darkness,” marks Pattiz’s foray into the paranormal niche, a huge and growing area of the business.


Pattiz has been profiled in numerous magazines, most notably Forbes, who featured a special four-page feature on the podcast mogul last year. When he’s not conquering the business world, Pattiz gives back to society. He twice served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was first appointed in 2000, by then-President Bill Clinton.

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