OSI Group Makes Another Smart Acquisition As It Brings Rose Packing Company Into The Fold

During April of 2019, OSI Group made the announcement that it had acquired Rose Packing Company, Inc. The company has been serving customers as a producer of pork products for many years. Rose Packing is a family-owned business that is located in Barrington, Illinois, and most people know the company as a leader in the meat sector. The company runs a facility in Chicago that produces meat products, and it provides hundreds of people with employment. The senior executive vice president of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, shared some of his thoughts about the purchase by commenting that it helps to bring together two of the leading companies in the food sector.

He went on to talk about how the acquisition will help to complement his company’s existing business endeavors and how it will help it to continue to expand. Scott was clear when he commented that the two companies share a commitment to serving their customers in a unique way with custom solutions. Dwight Stiehl, CEO of Rose Packing Company, will be staying onboard to work with OSI Group. His management team will continue to work with the company, as well, which will help the transaction to go more smoothly. Stiehl also commented that he appreciates OSI’s focus on creating healthy business partnerships and that he is proud to able to work with another company that has been serving Chicago for many years.

OSI Group was founded in 1909 in Chicago by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. It wasn’t long before Kolschowsky made a decision to get into the wholesale side of his business, and this is when it began to grow quickly. He brought his sons into the company later on and renamed it Otto & Sons. In the 1970s, the company was renamed OSI Group, and this is when its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, joined the team. OSI has continued to expand into new territory, year after year, and the Rose Packing Company acquisition is just further proof of its desire to bring quality companies into the fold. As OSI continues to offer premium food products through new partnerships, it continues to earn the respect and loyalty of new customers.