OSI Group Aquires Rose Packing as Part of Long Term Growth Plan

In yet another major acquisition, just one of almost a dozen in the last 24 months, The OSI Group has purchased Rose Packing. OSI is the worldwide leader in prepackaged foods for the convenience and quick service foodservice industries. Rose Packing is a meat packing concern located in Barrington, IL and is a mainline producer of pork products for both the foodservice sector and the retail marketplace. Dating back to the company’s establishment in 1924, Rose Packing has long been known for its high quality, as well as its deep concern for its customers and employees. The firm operates a facility in Chicago, which employs more than 700 people. The acquisition of Rose packing by the OSI Group will bring to OSI the products that Rose Packing has become famous for. These products include authentic Canadian bacon, hams renowned for their quality, highly regarded pizza and salad toppings for the foodservice industry, and of course, the star of their product line, fully licensed Guinness Brand beer brats made in the old bratwurst tradition and featuring real Guinness Stout.

Rose packing joins the world’s largest and most respected meatpacking and processed food origination family. OSI is most famously known for being the primary global provider of protein products for some of the world most recognized foodservice brands, most notably McDonalds, is also an innovator of unique specialty products that cater to the needs of a diverse global customer base. Employing more than 20,000 people in 70+ facilities around the world, OSI is an excellent example of a small business which had big dreams and through hard work and careful growth achieved them. The partnership between OSI and McDonalds has allowed the company to put itself into the excellent market leadership position that it now holds.

Today OSI operates in 17 countries and in addition to being the largest producer of beef protein products in the world, are also the main developers and distributors of protein alternatives for vegan and other specialized diets, and culturally specific proteins in markets such as the middle east, Israel, and India. The firm has been on a controlled expansion plan for more than three years, and so far, is seeing excellent returns on their movements to acquire other established brands known for high quality and name recognition. There is little doubt that with the recent acquisition of Rose Packing, The OSI Group is going to be expanding their product lines more very soon, thanks to the availability of some of the best pork products in the world.