Matthew Fleeger’s Oil Business Venture

In order to thrive during any economic times, it helps to have a commodity that is widely used by the masses. Matthew Fleeger presently runs Gulf Coast Western, based out of the gulf coast. The company focuses on cultivating relationships with other business that will help sustain and grow their profit and output. He first stepped into the industry upon completion of his higher education from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration. He had a previous venture in the medical field through MedSolutions. A company that specialized in the disposal of biological waste. The entrepreneur sense he possess is some notch among his peers in the industry. Matthew Fleeger disscusses his present venture in a recent Daily Forex Report article.

The story of Gulf Coast Western truly beings in the 1970s. They had seen strong success in southern Lousiana, where a pair of partnerships had expanded their influence on the industry. The company gained access to 13 wells among 140 defined drilling locations. This coverage yielded approximately 30 million barrels. Matthew Fleeger has secured deals with various other companies that brought its economic influence to numerous states including: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Matthew Fleeger has created partnerships that go beyond present operation, but also investing in future potential. The company prides itself on its ability to manage and forge new business opportunities across the country. There are countless lands of arcs with untapped potential. In addition, they hold a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gulf Coast Western with the power of Matthew Fleeger driving it forward, have found huge success with the oil industry. It is a commodity that nearly everyone uses, and as such there is always a constant demand to create more oil.