Matthew Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western in the Production of Natural Gas

Matthew Fleeger is today the most renown persons in the U.S oil and gas industry. Growing up, his father owned company that dealt with the production of oil and gas. However, he was not in a position to work for the company as he had to complete his studies first. While at Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger majored in Business before he later went to focus on his foray in in marketing and finance. Before working for his father’s company in Gulf Coast, he worked for other different companies where he dealt with marketing. While in these companies, his tenure saw the increase in annual profit margins of their sales. The year 1993 was a monumental year for Matthew Fleeger as he started the company Med Solutions.

Med Solutions focused more on environmental sustainability as they dealt with proper disposal of the medical products. Waste such as syringes, expired medicine and used gloves are some of the waste products that require proper disposal. Therefore, His company provided solutions towards their disposal to avoid contamination. For over a decade he served on the helm of MEd Solutions until he went back to work in his father’s company Gulf Coast Western. Matthew Fleeger is today the leading head in the fast growing and leading oil and gas company in the Gulf Coast and the whole of U.S

Based in the USA, Gulf Coast Western deals with the production of oil and gas at a domestic level. Today, they are offering Americans with alternative oil and gas solutions. Precisely the company has commenced that production of green fuel products that have been on demand for many years through Fleeger’s leadership. Besides the Gulf Coast Western has partnered with other companies in the production of oil and gas as they provide environmental solutions to the United Nations Goals.