Mark Holyoake: How a Life of Fitness Can Merge Into Business

CrossFit is a fitness method that has recently attracted a loyal following. Mark Holyoake has partnered with another fitness enthusiast to open Carbon Method, a gym based on the blend of cardio, power, and cross-training. You may be wondering how one gets into these high-intensity workouts. Holyoake is the perfect example of how one uses talents from other areas to build into a similar business.

Mark Holyoake began his love of fitness as a young child. He was involved in gymnastics where he practiced all of the avenues, including the pommel horse, which would eventually lead to many of future successes. Holyoake also performed floor exercises, ring, and bar work. He kept practicing the art of gymnastics into his college years.

The pommel horse is a gymnastic apparatus that requires one to use their balance and strength to swing, twist, and execute full body moves. Not only does a person need to be strong enough to perform the movements, but they must also do some artful dismounts to compete. Mark Holyoake perfected the art and style of this piece of equipment to the point of winning an international award. He completed 65 swings, which are labeled as rotations, in one minute. This feat placed him as a world champion along with his other competitions.

Mark Holyoake did not ignore his mental gymnastics during this time. He attended a university in New Zealand, his birthplace, and earned a bachelor’s degree. He majored in sports exercise, which naturally is a perfect fit for his passions and lifestyle. With his education, he began a career in training and worked under another program that helped him get clients, but it was his job to keep the clients. Holyoake proved that his past helped him motivate people, and his knowledge of the human body brought creditability to his words.

Today, Mark Holyoake is running his CrossFit business, and no doubt, he uses his foundation of gymnastics coupled with determination to operate this service-based company. He is the ultimate fit for the gym, and he seems to have the natural tack for motivating people to be their best physically and mentally.

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