Marc Beer’s New Leadership Position at LumeNXT Inc.

Achieving success in any field requires hard work, determination, and persistence to achieve the desired results. One of the professionals who have accomplished a lot in their work is Marc Beer. Marc has been instrumental in bringing the developments in the healthcare sector through his innovative and management skills. Marc’s career in the healthcare sector, which spans over three decades has been instrumental in the development of many therapeutic products for the treatment of various illnesses.


Marc Beers is named the new chairman of LumeNXT Inc


LumeNXT is an incorporated company that specializes in the development of illumination devices that will improve surgical operations. As the pioneer company in the making of surgical instruments that will lead to minimally invasive surgeries, the company uses modern technology to improve the working conditions of surgeons and medical engineers.


Marc Beer has been named as the chairman of the board who will spearhead the organization to the next level. Marc Beer is a professional with extensive experience in the development of therapeutic devices for the treatment of various ailments. Paul Rhyne -the founder of LumeNXT- expressed his delight on the appointment of Marc Beer. He said that Marc Beer has excelled in leading organizations to achieve growth and believes in his ability to lead LumeNXT to achieve its growth objectives. Marc Beer also welcomed the decision of the management in his appointment, expressing his delight on working with surgeons and engineers to deliver the illumination devices for the benefit of the surgical department.


LumeNXT is committed to enhancing surgical operations through illumination devices that facilitate enhanced visualization and precision. Marc Beer’s inclusion in the board of management will help the organization achieve its target since his vast experience in the biotechnology industry is invaluable.


Marc Beer’s Work History


Marc Beer’s achievements in the biotechnology industry have been massive as he has served in various leadership positions in different companies. Some of the companies Marc has worked for are Abbott technologies and Genzyme. Marc has also been instrumental in the formation of various startups that have created employment opportunities for many people and led to the development of different medicinal products. Marc Beer has been directly involved in the formation of the following companies;


 He was involved in the creation of Renovia Inc


Marc Beer is among the founders of Renovia Company, whose main goal is the development of devices and therapeutic products for the fight against pelvic floor disorder. Marc Beer spearheads the operations of Renovia and has been involved in the company’s growth objectives. He serves as the chief operating officer of the company. Learn more:


 Marc Beer formed ViaCell


Marc Beer was also instrumental in the formation of ViaCell Company. ViaCell Company is a biotechnology institution involved in stem cell research to find a cure for various illnesses.