Louis Chenevert in business leadership at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian business person who has had so much success than many people out there today. He is one of the people who has made the American economy successful through the decisions he has made as a professional in the business sector. For the past two decades, Louis Chenevert has been in the industry trying to make decisions which will lead to great success of the businesses which have been placed under him. As a business person, he never disappointed; e worked hard and made sure that everything that was happening in the industry was being done according to the plans which he had set out to accomplish. Louis has never been a failure in his life. He started from the bottom and rose to the position of being a top corporate leader through hard work. Failure for him has never been an option. He has made remarkable achievements with all the companies which he worked with on his way up.


Louis Chenevert holds a degree from HEC Montreal School of Business. His accomplishments through this degree are the reasons why he has become such a vital person in the business sector. He has made achievements which have come directly from the application of knowledge he gathered about the production operations.


Louis Chenevert acknowledges that one of the key sections of any manufacturing industry is the production. If there is a problem with production, it will be hard for other sections to pick up. By making production as efficient as possible, all other departments will get the trickledown effect. Louis started his profession as a production expert in the auto industry. He first worked with General Motors before making a switch to ITC which owns a number of businesses which he worked with before rising to the top position of the CEO of the whole conglomerate.



Louis Chenevert was the CEO of UTC for six years. Between 2008 and 2014, he oversaw a great revolution in the operations of this company. He made changes in the operation of this company which has led to great success in a very short time. The profits under his leadership skyrocketed. He also laid a great foundation for technological advancement to be deployed.