Jeremy Goldstein, The Lawyer You Trust!

The New York Association has recently created a new website that clients can visit 24/7 to find a lawyer in their region or local community. All you have to do is go to the portal, , fill out a brief questionnaire about their inquiry, and the website will do the rest! The best part is that the referrals are free! Once you have talked to the referred attorney there is a 35 dollar fee for the first 30 minute consultation. However some exceptions can be made. The website is available for 24 hours every day and The New York State Bar Association’s Referral and Information Service can be reached during business hours at 1-800-342-3661.


Among the available lawyers is the profound Jeremy L. Goldstein. Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. A firm that’s devoted in compensation committees, management teams in executive compensation, CEOs and so much more. Mr.Goldstein has a J.D from New York University School of Law, an M.S. from the University of Chicago, as well as a B.A. cum lade with distinction in all subjects!


Jeremy L. Goldstein is active in the firm’s emphasis on executive compensation issues that that are connected to mergers. As well as executive compensation the involves corporate government. In coalition with Mr.Goldstein’s engagement on CEOs, he has written an article that includes factors that companies should take in account on issues of executive pay.


In today’s new global market the main focus is by far executive compensation. Companies have to explain their pay packages to investors who in turn encourage excessive risk taking. As you can see, there is no room for slack when it comes to reducing legal risks. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates are dedicated to giving you the best legal services in regards to this matter!


So, stick with the lawyer America trusts. Jeremy L. Goldstein.

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