Jeremy Goldstein Raises $56,000 For Mental Health Support

Jeremy Goldstein has raised $56,000 through two wine events dedicated to raising funding for his Fountain House; the non-profit is a self-help program dedicated to helping people who are recovering from major mental health issues. While it’s a self-help program, patients receive the full support and treatment of professional staff. The two events brought together a variety of high-profile guests and were hosted with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan who serve as Chairs of Wine Dinners. Jeremy Goldstein has spoken about mental health issues in the past and noted that they were a global health epidemic.



He’s also said that Fountain House provides support for patients looking to overcome their mental health issues and get back into employment; getting back to work is one of the main ways that Fountain House aims to help their patients. The first of the wine dinners were held on May 22 at the NoMad Hotel; according to reports, the dinner was held on the rooftop and offered extensive views of the skyline. It’s also be said that it featured Chateau Latour wine vintages for all of the guests at the Wine Dinner. Some New York City’s top private fundraisers. Due to the success of the first event, Fountain House held a second Wine Dinner in New York City on May 31.



By many accounts, this second fundraising Wine Dinner was just as successful as the first. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the first event brought in $33,000 in fundraising while the second brought in $23,000. Mr. Goldstein has said that all of the money raised will go directly to help people overcome their mental illness and to lead normal, healthy lives. Fountain House has been helping people with mental illness for over 70 years and tries to create a culture that helps to empower patients to overcome their illnesses. Many patients with the Fountain House go through community-based projects so build friendships and build the skills they need to enter a new job or career path. These projects also help to create a sense of purpose for patients and lead to a sense of fulfillment for the majority of patients.



Jeremy Goldstein is a primary partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The company focuses on providing law advice to CEOs, management teams, businesses and compensation committees. This advice typically focuses on a variety of sensitive issues such as compensation matters and more. Mr. Goldstein also works with the American Bar Association Business Section as its chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee. Mr. Goldstein has been on the Board of Directors for Fountain House since 2010. He holds degrees from New York University School, Cornell University and the University of Chicago. He’s been involved with some of the largest corporate transactions in the last decade.



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