Jeremy Goldstein: Making His Mark Upon The World

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who represents corporations. Jeremy specializes in the areas of executive compensation, company governance, acquisition, and company mergers. While it is more common that he works with corporations on the subject of managerial governance and things such as CEO changes Jeremy Goldstein also has offered legal counsel in some big deals and buyouts for multiple big-name companies such as Sears, Kmart, Alltel, and J.P. Morgan Chase.


The man has credentials that might seem almost a mile wide. Jeremy Goldstein attended the New York University School of Law and received an MA from the University of Chicago as well as a B.A. at Cornell University. From a Masters in Art to a Juris Doctor degree he has had plenty of education and experience inside and out of the law. Not only that but he has been named chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee within the American Bar Association’s business sector. The subcommittee for Merger and Acquisitions provides information and support for lawyers specializing in the field as well as resources for those who need them. According to there own website, they have a task force currently working on a seller oriented draft to better serve clients but is currently buyer oriented with an emphasis on stock for stock mergers.


Jeremy Goldstein is on the Professional Advisory Board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder, partner, and namesake for a law firm in New York City, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Before founding this law firm he was a partner at a large Law Firm also in New York.


Despite having led a prestigious career one might be surprised to find that this larger than life corporate lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein, is not always confident in himself. Like most of us, he has wrestled with self-doubt. He gets past this by focusing on the rationality of the situation and what he could logically do within his ability. He recognized that those moments are not a fact but rather simply feelings and use that to overcome them to succeed. One might say that conquering himself is what lets him be as successful as he has become.


In his early days as a new lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein got his career started using referrals through a professional legal network, something he notes not everyone starting out as lawyers know about or know how to use effectively.


Even now Jeremy Goldstein picks the cases he knows will bring him the image he wants to have publicly. What sort of publicity will this case bring him? This is something he considers. Jeremy Goldstein is, additionally, not afraid to consult colleagues when he feels the need to do so and enjoys being in a field where he occasionally does feel challenged. He is always on the lookout for new tools to add to his repertoire to help his clients. This can be anything from a book about ideas and how to make them stick to a new software program to save time.


Jeremy Goldstein enjoys working with the Fountain House Charity on their board of directors. Fountain House Charity attempts to help adults who suffer from mental illness.


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