Jeremy Goldstein Brings a Personal Approach to Law

Jeremy Goldstein is widely noted by industry observers to be among the most sought-after attorneys to work on complex cases of corporate compensation in the United States. He brings years of experience and a remarkable track record of success in the realm of acquisitions and mergers. His legal expertise with executive compensation and company governance is highly valued by some of the biggest names in business.


Jeremy Goldstein’s storied career across the legal landscape began with earning his bachelor’s degree from prestigious Cornell University. He graduated with distinction from Cornell with a degree in Art History. He went on to the University of Chicago to complete a master’s degree in the same subject. In 1996, he enrolled at the New York University of Law School. He earned his Juris Doctorate there in 1999.


One of his first jobs using his newly minted legal skills as was as an associate with Shearman & Sterling LLP. He moved on to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He was with the latter firm for 14 years and achieved partner. He was active in working with executive compensation law that arises in connection with mergers and acquisitions.


In 2014 Jeremy Goldstein made the leap to establish his own firm, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has provided legal counsel for such major entities as AT&T Corporation, Sears, Kmart, South African Breweries, Alltel and J.P. Morgan Chase. Working with A-List clients and producing consistent positive outcomes made it a natural choice for Goldstein to be selected as Chairperson of the Mergers and Acquisitions subcommittee of the American Bar Association.


Interestingly, Jeremey Goldstein describes his approach to law as “informal.” By that, he said that he strives to build relationships with his clients on both a personal and professional level. This was his strategy from an early stage in his career. He reasoned that he could become more engaged in the law if his personal interests lined up with his professional obligations in legal matters.


In terms of earning a living in law, Jeremy Goldstein has a unique perspective. He said in a recent interview that judging success is not just about how much money one builds up in a bank account. It’s also a matter of gaining an ability to plan for long-term goals, he said. Doing that empowers a law practice to build a successful firm that reinvests profits it itself.


Jeremy Goldstein said he readily finds new clients through a process of marketing through positive public relations. He is careful to distinguish between positive and negative publicity. Creating the right kind of PR means choosing cases carefully, he said, then delivering excellent legal services. That can produce tremendous word-of-mouth buzz for a law firm.


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