JD.com Is Offering the First Apple and Kiwi Fruits Harvest of the Year From New Zealand

There is a growing trend of health-conscious consumers today who prefer fresh and naturally grown produce instead of commercially grown ones. JD.com is well aware of this trending consumer behavior and is now meeting this particular segment’s demand by providing them with fresh produce straight from New Zealand.

Just recently, the Chinese e-commerce giant further cemented its partnership with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. These companies are internationally known for being the market leaders in producing high-quality kiwis and bit-sized apples. The said products are very popular among JD.com’s over 300 million customers who are gradually embracing imported fruits and vegetables.

In the company’s data, imported fruits make up the majority of the company’s fruit sales in 2018. There is a 20 percent increase in overall fruit sales compared to its sales performance two years ago. The demographics of those who prefer to buy imported produce is consists of middle-class and young consumers with a strong concern about their nutrition and health.

Recently, the fruit exports from New Zealand to the Southeast Asian country increased and accounts for around NZ$606 million. In terms of JD.com’s sales, New Zealand’s fresh produce increased by more than 80 percent in the past year. Kiwi is China’s single biggest fruit export.

The Southeast Asian country is the top market of kiwifruits. Because of the surprising increase in demand and importation of these fruits, the local industry in New Zealand now backs around 18,000 jobs with 2,600 taking care of growing kiwifruits.

It can be recalled that in 2017, Zespri first launched its flagship store on the platform of JD.com. By further widening its partnership with the Chinese e-commerce giant including selling through the &FRESH channel, the international fruit exporter further capitalizes on the capabilities of JD.com. Currently, the company has the most advanced and biggest cold chain logistics system.

Meanwhile, Rockit Global Limited recently launched its store for its apples on the Chinese e-commerce giant’s platform. The apples are also introduced in the offline and online customers of JD.com. For Rockit Global, China is its most crucial market. More than 40 percent of New Zealand’s apple producer’s markets in the JD.com platform are educated millennials.

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