James Dondero Finds Success As Both An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

The name James Dondero has become one of the best known across Dallas for the success the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management has achieved in Texas as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist. For more than three decades James Dondero has worked to turn what he learned in his financial career into success as an entrepreneur who has built a successful career for himself over the course of three decades by expanding upon his work in the credit markets.

Despite the success James Dondero has achieved as a business leader he has become just as well known as a philanthropist who has done much work on his own and as part of the Highland Capital Management company. One of the best-known successes for James Dondero has been his work to aid the Dallas Zoo in developing the area designed for the return of hippo’s to their habitat within the zoo; working with Highland Capital Management the Highland Hippo Hut has been created including an area for private events and fundraising to take place. Donating $1 million to the fund for the Highland Hippo Hut at Dallas Zoo resulted in the completion of the project and the first hippo to return to the zoo in 2016. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Among the major financial companies James Dondero has been working within over the last three decades are American Express and Protective Life, at Protective Life James Dondero grew a fund from startup to holding more than $2 billion in assets in just five short years. Even now, James Dondero is a much sought after business and investment specialist who has joined companies such as MGM and American Banknote at boardroom level to help guarantee their continued success.

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