Instantly Ageless remains one of Jeunesse Global’s bestselling products

When super-entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global out of their garage in 2009, they had little idea of the dramatic heights to which their new enterprise would climb. Ray and Lewis had previously started dozens of highly successful companies within the North American direct-selling industry. But even as they approached their 70th birthdays, the couple was on the brink of outdoing even their own impressive track record.

Jeunesse Global was founded by the couple when they realized that the new life of retirement upon which they had embarked was not everything they had hoped. Although they enjoyed spending time with each other and their quickly growing number of grandkids, Ray and Lewis quickly found that they were not well suited for the boredom and lack of purpose that comes with being retired. The couple began selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage, and, before long, they were doing serious sales numbers.

By the end of its first year, Jeunesse Global had sold nearly $1 million in products and had grown to include dozens of distributors. Ray and Lewis were able to continue the company’s expansion, finding market niches that were underserved by the biggest names in the industry and then exploiting those market needs by developing some of the most innovative products that the industry had ever seen.

For example, the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-crème and facial cleanser bring together the utility of the most powerful facial cremes. It is able to deep clean the facial skin in a way that puts it at the top of the product rankings in its class. Instantly Ageless is formulated to penetrate deep into the pores, helping to close wide skin pores and remove the grime and dirt that are a leading cause of irritation and blemishes.

But it is in its anti-aging properties where Instantly Ageless really shines. The product is able to wipe years off of users’ appearance with the help of the company’s patented anti-aging molecule, APT-200. This substance has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of age-related skin blemishes.