How to access the services of Jeremy Goldstein through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service

The New York State Bar Association has embraced new technology thanks to their new online referral service. This service helps you get access to reputable lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein faster and cheaply within your locality. In addition to this, the other advantage of LRIS is that you do not have to worry about the time factor, the service is a 24/7 service and you can log in and start your process of finding a lawyer any time.


LRIS has been providing a network of high profile of qualified lawyers and matching them to the client’s need for last 35 years. The pool comprises of attorneys who pursue legal issues in matters concerning real estate, crime, drawing up a will, family disputes and commercial business disputes. They guarantee confidentiality and the service is free until a client decides to take consultation with their preferred attorney.


A client seeking legal guidance and support from a lawyer fills a questionnaire providing personal details such as the issue at hand and their physical location. The State Bar Association then matches the client with a nearer attorney in their area. They then forward the proposal to the county bar. The fee applies on first consultation apart from when the matter relates to social security, medical malpractice, workplace, military law or personal injury.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder father of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC an organization he established in 2014. Mr. Jeremy is highly qualified; in his CV is a decorated art and history degree from Cornell University, Law degree from New York University and a Masers Art history degree from University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein has valuable industry experience and will provide a good insight to your legal case any day.


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