Highland Capital Management Twitter

Highland Capital Management is one of the multi-billion firms that was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada Dallas. The firm opened its Twitter platform site in August 2014 called Highland Capital Management Twitter to allow interaction with their esteem customers. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.


Highland Capital Management Twitter site has more than nine thousand followers. The site was created for the purpose of the advertisement of their services and also to provide information to their customers wherever they are located geographically. The customers can inquire anything they need to know about the firm on the site. In the year 1990 Mark and James had an initiative for having an insurance firm. The company was given the name Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The firm does its task out of the Los Angeles and California. They form a corporation partnership with senior managers from the banks that provide the loan.


In the year 2003, Highland opens an office after several years without it in New York. This allows the centralization of the management and by 2008 Highland had expanded another office in Singapore. The opening of the Singapore office expanded Highland Globally thus getting more customers from different parts of the world. The growth of Highland expanded more and more and by the year 2012, the had opened of its offices again in Seoul, Asia. In the same year, Highland lunches one of the senior loans called iBox Senior loan, the only loan that was offered that time by one bank. In the year 2017, Highland opens its office in Buenos Aires. It was opened for the purpose of serving Argentinians in their country.

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Highland Capital Management Twitter was named to be one of the best for working in the management of money in the year 2018.


Highland Capital Management Twitter has strived through its interaction with its client through twitting. This has enabled their clients to ask for the services and raised issues affecting them and they are addressed accordingly. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.