Global Brand Marketing Executive And Consultant Steve Lesnard

Having over two decades of experience in the global marketing industry, Steve Lesnard advises other entrepreneurs on ways to use digital and social media methods as a way to market their new products. The key points he gives for doing this effectively include keeping things simple in order to make them memorable to consumers, meaning to outline what is new and better about the particular product. He also encourages bringing the product or service to life by letting potential customers know exactly how it works, and demonstrating how it will look. One of the ways he thinks this can be done is through influencers who use social media platforms to reach their followers.

Steve Lesnard also advises business people to ask themselves important questions when embarking on a new marketing campaign. These questions relate to what the company wants consumers to picture when thinking of their brand, and the best ways to bring that memory of their product into existence while finding those who can help promote it. He thinks that when using influencers, an entrepreneur should make sure that they have a genuine and authentic connection with their company’s products, values and aspirations. In his previous marketing positions in the sports industry, where he worked for some of the largest and most recognized athletic brands in the world, he used technology and significant data to get the kind of information he needed from consumers to grow his company.

The strategic marketing consultant was a Footwear Project Manager, representing brands like Nike as the Global Vice President of its Nike Running campaign. He was responsible for securing contracts with American and Canadian snowboard teams for the 1998 Winter Olympics, of which two of the men in this event were the first ever to win gold medals in that sport. Steve Lesnard has had a love of sports for a big portion of his life. As a French-born citizen, he led the Sports Club while in college in his home country. He holds an MBA degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College. The Portland, Oregon resident is fluent in French, English and Spanish.