Finding The Pearl. Bennett Graebner

Bennett Graebner is a man who has one of the most difficult jobs in the entertainment industry. He is an executive producer for television. He is a man who thinks of ideas and sees if they work for television and their audience. He has taken his passion for television to another level. He also has been able to succeed in this profession beyond his wildest dreams.

He has one of the biggest shows on television under his belt and is always striving for the next big idea. This is Bennett at his best. Bennett Graebner says that he has only a small window of time to himself. He starts off with a run early in the day to get the juices flowing and then drinks coffee in order to prep himself for the rest of the day. When he gets to work it is busy, busy, busy (Annenbergspaceforphotography).

He is in meetings with other staff, going over things about certain shows, and fixing things that need to be fixed quickly, This is the life of an executive producer. He says that when it comes to ideas Bennett Graebner says they can come from anywhere at any time. Some of the ideas come from good places like talking to a friend, reading the local paper, or listening to the radio. When he finds one he can pitch it to other people and get their input. This is what makes his job so interesting each and every day.

Bennett Graebner says the one thing he will not do is be mean to others. He wants people that work for him to be comfortable. He helps people with really good ideas take them to the next level. He likes people that have a passion for the job. This is why Bennett loves his job. Graebner has worked hard to get where he is today. He took the idea for The Bachelor and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. To be a success in this business people have to open many empty clams before they find the one with the pearl.

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