EOS Lip Balm: Using Social Media for Promotion Purposes

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Social media’s influence is undeniably powerful. Companies have been using the power of social media to promote their businesses, and it has overcome the television, radio, and newspapers as an effective advertising tool. The Evolution of Smooth – a company founded by Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra – benefited from the influence of social media to promote their product which is a lip balm that is packaged in small orbs that comes in different colors and flavors. Their product was launched in 2007, and it quickly became a popular brand because it has become a top pick for beauty bloggers around the world. The interest of the public developed after the product received positive reviews from bloggers, and when the celebrities started using the product to keep their lips hydrated.

Today, the product is being sold in more than 100 counties, and one of the reasons why it became popular is because of the appeal that can be found on its design. The co-founders of the company stated that they have invested their time and energy in researching about lip balms, and they ultimately found out that the reason why their lip balms have become popular is because of its design. Lip balms in the past looked mediocre, and the co-founders of the EOS lip balm used their talents and skills in design to create the perfect lip balm for the public. Consumer research also played a major role in the success of their product, and without it, the EOS lip balm would never end up successfully as what it is currently experiencing.

The co-founders of the product continue to promote the EOS lip balm, especially to the millennial market. The company has millions of followers in social media, and the promotion that they are receiving from celebrities and social media influencers helped them grow further.

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