End Citizens United: Working Hard To Change The Way The Corporations Are Allowed To Participate In The Federal Election Process

As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to free speech. You also possess the ability to support any political candidate that you feel closely resembles your current beliefs and you can financially contribute to them to whatever extent that you feel necessary. This is a right that many citizens throughout the United States hold very close to their heart, and one that is important to the political process because it allows candidates to raise funds for the very expensive campaigning process. Unfortunately, in 2010 there was a Supreme Court decision that would change the way that many citizens looked at the political process.

The court case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was damaging in several ways to the entire way that the process of political funding is done. This was when the political action committee of End Citizens United came into existence to fight against that ruling of Supreme Court. The reason why the ruling is so controversial is that it allowed the individuals of Citizen United to keep secret their funding sources for an attack ad that they released about the political hopeful Hillary Clinton. While they originally released the ad as a movie, it was very clear that it was directed at an ad for the upcoming political race. The Federal Election Committee would not allow the group to continue the ad without disclosing those funding sources, but there was a resulting Supreme Court case that changed the requirement of these corporations to disclose that information. In fact, it is now the wall that corporations may function exactly as individuals function when it comes to the political process. They can donate an unlimited amount of money towards any political candidate that they see fit and they are able to do so in an anonymous way.

End Citizens United has been fighting this decision ever since it came out because they know the implications that this decision has for the political process. End Citizens United has already seen the major effects of big money on political candidates throughout the race, and they have put in the effort to help combat that increase influx of financial influence in the political sector. “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” details a lot of the work that they are doing to also help overturn the original decision to allow this amendment. It is there hope that as they continue to move towards a better understanding of this decision, they are able to change the minds of the people that have made this possible.

Check more about End Citizens United: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united