Drew Madden Can Help Amazon And CVS In Upcoming Healthcare Battle

Amazon is about to make your life even easier. The tech conglomerate has just got its hands on licensing that will allow for the sales of medical devices in certain states. This is a shot across the bow for the healthcare industry as it signals that the tech giant will enter the healthcare space.

Experts believe that it is only a matter of time before Amazon begins to sell medications, as well. And this all comes at a time when Amazon has been evaluated at $1,000,000,000,000. That’s right, Amazon and founder Jeff Bezos is worth one trillion dollars. The sheer might of the company should have other healthcare providers shaking in their boots.

It seems that another company is rising to the challenge to take on Amazon and its buying power. CVS has recently acquired the health insurance company Aetna. This gives the pharmacy giant a whole new list of customer names as Aetna is one of the largest insurance providers in the country. It also means that CVS can start selling health insurance directly to its customers.

But CVS is making it even easier for customers by hiring doctors and nurse practitioners to provide primary care in all of its pharmacies. Now customers can walk into a CVS to receive primary care, pay for the services using the CVS-provided health insurance and then get their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. It’s a physical one-stop healthcare shop that should be able to rival Amazon.

These two giants battling it out in the healthcare industry should provide patients with easier access to healthcare with better prices. The country should see a rise in life expectancy across the board. However, there is one pitfall. Digitized medical records could be stolen as they are transmitted over the internet.

Healthcare IT warriors like Drew Madden should be in high demand. He’s an entrepreneur that’s also served as president for Nordic Consulting Group. His passion for medical record safety will help innovate safeguards for people seeking health care at Amazon or CVS. There should be a bidding war for his services as the two companies battle.