Dr. Saad and the inventions he has patented in the field of medicine.

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon with extensive experience of over four decades in the field and has helped the communities both in the United States and outside. Dr. Saad has been on medical missions in countries such as Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Saad Saad is one who is focused on using his talent and skill to help patients and other people in need. Due to his many years of experience in the field of medicine and surgery, Dr. Saad Saad was able to identify some of the problems faced by pediatric surgeons when carrying out procedures and has come up with two inventions. The inventions have been patented by Dr. Saad himself, and these include the catheter that has an electromagnetic location identification device. Also, Dr. Saad came up with the apparatus for providing irrigation or suction in the typical endoscope. Catheters are tubes used in medicine to treat particular illnesses or in helping doctors to perform surgical procedures. Knowing the exact position of the catheter can be a hard task, and one has to use X-ray or go for an MRI scan. Dr. Saad Saad came up with a catheter that has material on the tip that permits the passage of magnetic waves and also the tube has wires inside. A doctor can use an external device to locate the catheter, and once the device is above the catheter, an electric current is created in the wires and light is illuminated on the locating device. Dr. Saad Saad aimed at reducing the notion of patients having to go for x-rays time and again hence risking exposure to harmful radiation. Also, Dr. Saad wanted to cater for the MRI machines that are too big to fit in the rooms for operating thus making the work of the surgeons easier. The second invention that Dr. Saad Saad has patented is the apparatus that carries out suction when a doctor is using an endoscope to view the insides of the body of a patient. Endoscopy is a vital procedure for doctors to be able to see the insides of a patient’s body and this procedure is always met with the challenge of obstruction of the lens of the endoscope. The invention that Dr. Saad came up with allows for the doctor to carry out suction and drain away fluids from the area that they are working. The view of the doctor can be kept clear even without the doctor having to remove the endoscope from the body of the patient. The first invention that Dr. Saad patented as not been recommended for use over large scale as many manufacturers claim that the process of making the location device and a catheter integrated with electromagnetic properties is a complicated one. The second invention Dr. Saad patented has been adopted widely and is being used by doctors extensively in their endoscopy procedures. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md