Donata Meirelles Tells You How To Rock Transparent Purses

Transparent handbags and purses were featured in Louis Vuitton’s Men’s 2019 summer parade. From clear to a variety of colors, these transparent purses promise to induce a fashion fever and become a trend. Vogue’s Donata Meirelles teaches us how to use and what to carry in these transparent carriers.

According to its definition, everything that is transparent must go unnoticed. However, that was not the case at the 2019 Louis Vuitton male fashion show where transparent designer handbags became the focus of all the smartphone cameras in Row A.

Rihanna first used a transparent handbag as an accessory paired with a white suit when she appeared wearing Virgil Abloh’s debut collection for French Maison. It is hard to know what item will be a hit with the public but Donata Meirelles says that it’s best to pick a trend before the items hit the store shelves and bet that the item will be a hit. The director of Vogue, who placed her transparent purses in the closet for more than a decade, shares how to use and what to place inside a transparent purse. Read article of Donata at

Donata Meirelles likes wallets where she can place everything inside: money, credit cards, checkbooks, and prayer cards. A pair of sunglasses can be placed inside its own case. Meirelles likes to use wallets and glasses cases that are a solid color or metallic because it prevents people from seeing important items in a transparent purse, but this is also a great opportunity to show off items that come in beautiful packaging like Chanel’s Hydra-Nutrition Lip Balm which Meirelles often carries.

Keep important items in colorful containers of cases to protect them but also show off by using certain colors or metallics. Don’t be afraid to show off items that are beautifully designed or packaged. Check out: